"You can't put the music of ASTRINA into an existing genre [...] In every tune of the American multitalent you’ll find new elements, she’s constantly re-inventing what she did the last time" (KMS Reviews).  Broadly described as an indie pop artist, this producer/singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has developed a sound rich with infectiously catchy melodies over her dreamy and atmospheric production style.


Growing up, ASTRINA spent most of her time sitting alone at a grand piano writing instrumental music, inspired by composers like Ravel and Debussy.  It wasn't until 2018 that she transitioned from her budding film scoring career to launch her artist project, showcasing for the first time her delicate, silky vocal.  While her music still draws upon the sophistication of her extensive background in classical music, these days her sound is more strongly influenced by modern acts, notably Muse, AURORA, The xx, and Radiohead.


"I'm really more of an artist than a musician [...] To create is to channel something bigger than you - something that is too powerful to be contained by your body. Art demands to be expressed in any way possible. The artist simply steps out of the way and allows creation to express itself in a language that speaks to humanity." - ASTRINA