That young lady is destined to be a mega someday. Very very talented. - James Wraieth

“This is a surprise. I enjoy hearing musicians at early gigs and realising that what I’m hearing is great. This helps me think that life will always bring more to enjoy. Here, imagine The xx with a delicious vocal...” - Paul Roche

“She deserves to be heard. You can feel it in your bones.” - @XXLGuy

"You, Daria Black, speak to my soul and in this essence of being true and real and honest is rising toward the pinnacle of what so many, many secretly reach for yet never quite recognize or even fully discover they’re on such a journey — yet how can they without being true and real and honest which in reality or even delusion, has no secrets! Thank you for waking me up. Many Blessings!" - Melinda Cloud

“I know i know a million musicians, check this one out tho, she on her way.” - @Amelia12203868

“It's not everyday that you can just FEEL a person’s deeper layers talking with them once. This young woman is very unique. So likable, genuine, very talented, see for yourself.” - @itsmissq

"This Woman can soothe your soul..." - Allen Bergquist

"One if ours fighting for the cause with one of the most effective weapons in this battle! Excellent music! Keep at it Madam! We have faith in you!" - Donovan Neal

"Wow. Just wow!!! This is an amazing song! I’m open to all music, but also have a specific taste and this is just amazing!" - Jace Spice

"You gotta check this young lady out - her music is hypnotic and wonderful." - James Wraieth

"As someone who also deals with mental health issues, I have a lot of respect for you. You are awesomely talented, important, and loved." - Philo Judaeus

"Her music comes from a dark place, but can connect with you on so many levels. She is truly going to change music. She is going to be one of the greats." - @XXLGuy

"I’ve never felt a deeper connection with any other artist than my friend here. Brilliantly liberating." - @LoneAlien

"You inspire me, friend, to do things I think I can't. To believe I can be better." - David Skriver